Saturday, 8 August 2015

Superglue Mishap

I was working on a little craft project yesterday and finished it off by gluing the the stray ends to stop them from fraying. I used one of those mini tubes of superglue and almost ended up with my fingers glued together.

I was lucky enough to finish the project with all fingers free, and with no odd objects stuck on for perpetuity, but I qualified for the Master Criminal Club, as I had masked my fingerprints.

It was a funny feeling, to have the ends of my fingers coated in this glue, and I hoped, like with Rubber Cement, that it might peel off...but no such luck.

I tried soap, with no effect.

I tried Lysol, soaked my fingers, hoping it would dissolve. It did soften the edges a bit and I rubbed and tried to peel it off, not sure how much of my skin came off with it. I must have softened it enough, and after rubbing some hand lotion into my skin, it all seemed to be gone.

I looked it up on the internet and found an easier solution. Salt. The directions were to wet your fingers, dip them in salt and scrub it over the area, kind of like a pumice soap I imagine. 

I'll file that bit of information away, as I'm sure, as long as I do crafts, there'll be another glue incident in my life.

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Connie said...

Ah ha, superglue. Somewhere along the line I thought acetone based fingernail polish remover also helped. I could be wrong. Hmm, masking fingerprints, yup I'm sure you can use that in an upcoming novel.