Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Plethora of Paper

I am big on organizing, and but lousy at maintaining. I like to think the things, let’s be honest; the things I hoard will come in useful one day. I’m talking art and craft supplies.

When I moved I had to reduce four file cabinet drawers to a couple of small file containers. Much of what was stored were copies of things I’d written and ‘How To’ articles I’d accumulated. I admit I have not taken to an electronic world without a fight; I still covet the paper copy.

Now it seems I collect USB drives.

I also collect paper for my art work, paper being a necessary element of mixed media collage. So I have patterned napkins, gift wrap, maps, old scraps of art work and images of everything, all filed neatly in file folders.

I’m in an art frame of mind right now. Giving the writing a bit of a rest, I have been using up many of those saved bits and pieces. The file bin is much thinner and I might be able to reduce the number of file containers I have, always a plus. The problem is, I add to it continuously, so maybe it’s enough to maintain a status quo.

I used to collect the tissue paper at the kids birthday parties, always plentiful with the common use of gift bags. My daughter was a bit embarrassed by this, but then she isn’t an artist. I use the paper to add texture to my artwork, and like to have plenty on hand. I still have a drawer full of used tissue paper, despite the fact I’ve done no art work in the last two years.

Until late.

I have completed three paintings, and have one almost finished. These are works on canvas. I also framed photos of each of the kids’ families, in an arty, scrapbooking style.

I’m on a roll. In that file I found projects I started years ago and never finished. And, as I hate to give up on things, I pulled one file out and decided to give it another try.

So, I’m working away and find my attitude has changed. One lesson I seemed to have learned is to take a chance, to risk ruining what I started in an attempt to make it better. I realized that last night as I was working on a small bit to add to a collage, and hesitated to take the next step.

What the hell, I decided; if it doesn’t work I’ll go back and try it again. Another lesson learned, I keep copies of designs I’m using, and...add them to the file. At least this way, if I have to start over and the initial design worked, it’s easier to try again.

I learned another lesson. In the original project I was using watercolour, an art medium I never could master. When I attempted to repeat this style, I realized it was wrong, and rethought the whole project from a mixed media collage frame of mind. The work involves twelve pieces, based on native phases of the moon. I now have three completed, and bits and pieces of the others spread out across the table.

If nothing else, I’ll have used up some of the stuff from the file, am in a creative mind set and will have the satisfaction of finally seeing a project completed. I’ll share when it’s all done. By posting this I’m daring myself to finish, a bit of method to my madness. Now back to work, I think the glue and paint has dried enough I can continue.


Connie said...

Okay, so here's the challenge. Give me your deadline for completion. Would love to see the finished products.

Deborah Lean said...

Seven out of 12 completed, the 8th drying on the counter and bits of the others ready for me to play with. Hope to have it all done by the end of the week and will post finished product. Thanks for the encouragement.