Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Trip to IKEA

When I lived in the city, I bought the majority of my furniture at IKEA. I loved the Billy bookcases and have four of them in my living room that I’ve kept filled with books for the last twenty five years. They still look great, in spite of the number of times they’ve been moved.

I’ve been away from the city for a number of years, and haven’t seen an IKEA store outside of the catalogue for years, until yesterday. And boy, how things have changed. Once there was a large parking lot, and now there’s tiered parking.

My daughter had an item to return so she went to the Exchanges area and as she was number 36 in line, my granddaughter and I went upstairs to walk around. It was her first time, and at eleven years old, she was quickly planning how she would decorate her first bedroom (one she didn’t have to share).

There was too much to see and touch, the place is so full of color and all sorts of unusual and functional stuff. I bought an apple cutter, you know, that cuts out the core and sections the apple. What a time saver, I love it. I also bought a picture frame.

There was so much I could have purchased, like the rug I would have loved for my living room, the mirrors, the little things to keep one organized. I did buy this thing that fits in your drawer, and creates little sections, for socks and underwear i suppose, or scarves, or whatever. I figure when I put it in the drawer it will induce me to clean out what I don’t wear at the same time.

I had done some online research about a new table, and a small kitchen cart, but decided not to buy anything just yet. A method to my madness, it just might mean another trip up there, something to look forward to.

My daughter picked up a few of the items she was looking for, so it was a good day. On the way home we had lunch, and stopped off at Michael's Craft Store. All in all, a near perfect day.

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