Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Feeling Dyslexic Are We?

The other day I wrote a post about Fiesta, the bright colored ceramic dishes originally made in 1938. It reminded me of the set my grandmother had when I was little.

I saw dishes like the Fiesta ware in the Walmart flyer, but these came in a pretty tourquoise color.

Sunday, there was a bridal shower for my daughter and guests were to give gift cards rather than other presents. I knew my daughter needed a new set of dishes, and as the set I saw came in her new favorite color, my daughter-in-law and I got together and gave her a Walmart gift card, and wrapped it in one of the bowls from open stock.

She loved the color, loved the bowl, and wants to get them. And good timing, as they're on sale.

I sent her a chat message tonight to tell her about the sale, as it only lasts until Thursday.

She wrote me back that she wanted to get two sets (8 place settings) and then get some DESPERATE plates from the open stock.

I read her message and laughed. I wrote back..."What are desperate plates? Empty ones?"

I was really laughing, as it is so easy to make a mistake, especially when she is doing it all from her phone.

She sent me back a message, laughing at herself, "SEPARATE plates", so glad she was keeping me entertained.

Funny story, I'm still smiling, so had to share.

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Connie Cook said...

And here I thought desperate plates were to replace ones that may have gotten accidentally broken. Thanks for the laugh.