Saturday, 1 August 2015

Blessed Rain

Yesterday, the rain came down in heavy but sporadic bursts, thunder sounding softly in the distance. I hoped it would bring some relief to the heat and humidity of this last week. One loud clap of thunder, sounding too close for comfort, and the television cable went out, but the power remained. I waited, expecting more, but that was it, and in minutes the cable was back. The storm was moving on, I suppose.

This is a long weekend for us, and though the sun is shining now, and the temperatures are comfortable, rain is predicted through the next few days.

I need to check on Velma (my car, as I’ve named her to try and encourage a more friendly relationship, or should I say more reliable relationship). I left the back van windows open, figured it was better to let the air circulate a small amount, rather than let the heat build up with days of sitting in the hot sun.

Now I imagine there’ll be a bit of a soaking in the back. Maybe the wind and rain blew in from the east and slid right down the vented window, and the interior remains dry. Right, and pigs fly.

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