Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Pesky Pet

 I have a new pet, and it is so annoying...I’m going to have to get rid of it. It’s not been easy, sharing this space. He wakes me up, pesters me when I’m busy, disappears for a short time only to come back with a vengeance.

I left the door open for a moment, hoping it would wander out and leave me alone, but no such luck. He’s decided her likes it here, likes me, and I may have to resort to drastic means.

My new pet is not a cat or dog, nor is it a bird...but it does fly, is a fly as a matter of fact. For days I’ve had this pesky insect flying about. I’ve tried hitting it with a rolled up newspaper, the flyswatter, even my book, but he’s quick.

I need a roll of that sticky tape, that stuff that he could fly into and stay put. I’ve had the door open, and he won’t leave, and seems to think he’s king of the castle, as none of his friends have joined him.

Maybe he’ll find it’s too hot in here and perish from the heat, I know I am. I like to call it a feminine glow, but it’s really plain old sweat. I don’t have air conditioning, but I do have a small fan that I have total control over and direct it on myself.

It’s probably hotter in here than it needed to be. I left my windows open, love that fresh air, but that air was hot. The weather channel says it is 21 degrees Celsius, hot and humid. We’re not expecting rain until Thursday, and I hope it brings some relief. Tomorrow is going to be 25, with a Humidex of 31.

I’m barricading myself inside; it’s too hot to do anything. I have two new books I’ve been saving for just such a time.

Take care, stay cool, and if you’ve got some of this heat, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

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Blogger's Brother said...

If I was you (and we're close, as we share the same DNA) I'd head to a local McDonalds. First, it's $1.00 soft drink days - any size. Secondly, they have tons of air conditioning. In some places it so cold you could hang meat in there. But maybe that's just me.