Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Moving on to Macrame

I wrote yesterday about my first attempts at being a potter. At the same time I was making macramé wall hangings, and part of the pottery appeal was making clay items to embellish the wall hangings.

I can remember the hook placed in the overhead beam of the mud room that I used to hang my work in progress. I would sit on my stool and work for hours.

The family could always attest to whatever craft I was into at the time, by the homemade Christmas gifts they received. I had my pottery year, the macramé year, followed by ceramics, crocheting and sewing and so many more.

I saw some macramé bracelets on Pinterest, and my son happened to see them. Could I make a lanyard, he asked. What kind? I replied. This led to an internet research on duck call lanyards.

For those unfamiliar with duck hunting, there is this call thing that imitates...a duck, I guess. It has an irregular shape and no hole by which the hunter could hang it, keeping it handy. Someone designed a lanyard with a noose tied end on it that could be adjusted to the duck call.

I can make that, I told him.

We were going out for dinner and stopped at the store for some paracord, and I was off to the races. By the end of the weekend, after another trip to the store, I had the design down pat. I made a few variations and will leave it up to my son and his buddies to decide which one works best.

There’s something very relaxing about the repetition of knotting, and I find it a pleasant way to while away the time and keep my hands busy.

My son is always finding these ‘little projects’ for me. I still have the research saved for making fishing lures. Still thinking about it, but this one is out of my comfort zone.


Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

My mom used to love doing macramé. I've never tried it, it seems very intimidating to me.

Deborah Lean said...

It's actually very simple, a variation of one knot, though I can't remember what it's called. I find it very relaxing. Maybe I'll take it up again. Wonder what I could make everyone for Christmas? This requires some research.