Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Spicy Flavors

I remember in the olden days, if you wanted spicy, it was barbecue flavors, or maybe chili, which is usually found in BBQ.

If you had a roast of beef, it was horseradish sauce. My Dad used to joke that eating horseradish was good for clearing his sinuses, as it made him cough and sneeze, so not to be eaten in public. Sorry Dad.

My next spicy experience was Natchos, which had jalapenos, another very hot and spicy taste. Or jalapenos in a popper. MMMMMMmmmmmm.

But we always want more, right? So then it was Cajun, a step spicier, hotter, than BBQ. Then Thai, especially the Thai chicken at Boston Pizza.

Let’s not forget Tabasco, or that Red Hot Sauce, that some old woman puts that on everything.

Chicken seems to lend itself to all sorts of spicy additives, like Buffalo wings, or Szechuan. Not that I eat out that often, but I like the General Tao chicken at the Chinese buffet.

Wasabi Paste
Chipotle Dip
It seems there is a constant parade of new flavors, and new ways to taste them. Like Cilantro, Wasabi, Chipotle and now Sriracha.

The restaurants are quick to jump on the flavor train. I have a Chipotle sauce on a chicken sandwich at Tim’s, and have tried the Sriracha in a potato chip. It seems the potato chip companies are always introducing new flavors for us to try, if not on the chip itself, in a dip.

I think I’ll conduct a taste test, like a science experiment. I could try out a new flavor of potato chip every Saturday night, with a movie.

Sounds like a plan, though I think it’s more of an excuse, a way to rationalize snacking.

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