Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I Hate Whining

Velma and I have been at odds for the last few months. She’s been in a continuous whiney mood, and I hate whining. Maybe her mood is because it’s summer and we haven’t been out and about, enjoying the sunshine.
Well, excuse me Velma. I can’t get up the energy to go out when the Humidex is reading 35. Sue me.

For those of you who don’t know, Velma is my car, and we’ve had a very up and down relationship. Two years ago she was in a bad mood, didn’t like going out in the cold, wouldn’t start, and a couple of times, left me stranded and in need of help.

I gave her a name that winter, thinking it would put us on more friendly terms, but it wasn’t enough. To be totally unfair to most of my gender...I bought Velma a bauble, a peace offering, in the form of a new battery and she was content...for a while.

Early this summer she started acting up, feeling a little restless and out of sorts. A few days at Uncle Brad’s spa (the garage) and she was fine thought her content was short lived.

The whining started up again, causing some stress in our relationship. This time, a week at the spa fixed things, maybe her constant noise making was her way of telling me something was wrong. Now, with a new set of brakes and a few other things, she’s happy...and quiet.

So all is well, we’re friends again, and heading out tomorrow. I think Velma needs to cut loose a bit and deserves a run on the highway.

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