Saturday, 28 June 2014

Women you Love to Hate

You see them everywhere, and don’t you just hate them? You know the women I mean, the ones who are so put together they look like they just stepped off the runway or out of a fashion photo shoot.

Some women can look good, nice clothes, appropriate shoes, tasteful jewellery, but they just don’t hit the mark as…perfect…or spectacular.

My friend and I have been having lunch every Thursday at the same place, same time. For two weeks now I’ve seen one of those women, one of those perfect looking women.

It was the gladiator shoes, in black, with 3 inch heels that caught my attention. I absolutely loved the shoes.

The woman was tall and slim, with short blond hair in that kind of boy cut style. This all hit me on two fronts, I wore my hair in that same style when I was younger, and wore those shoes, only with a lesser heel.

She wore skinny red jeans, the length perfect to showcase the shoes. Have you noticed how many women, myself included, don’t pay attention to the length of their pant legs. Some of mine are too long and are getting worn at the back from getting caught under my heel. Not a good fashion look.

To complete the outfit she wore a white jacket and carried a black and white striped tote.

The next week it was black pants, with a different white jacket. This one looked to be made of a knit fabric with a flounce at the hem that dipped lower in the back. Sandals again in a black and white print, I think, but with a wedge heel, same tote.

I hate this woman. I envy this woman. And I’m mad at myself, for letting fashion and style disappear from my life when I stopped working and dressing for the office.

There is no excuse. This woman has reminded me how much I love fashion, and maybe watching her will inspire me to pay more attention to my appearance.

I wonder what she’ll be wearing next week?

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