Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Visiting Wildlife

I was outside talking to my neighbour this morning when a Mallard duck walked around the corner of the building, venturing close, but not quite joining our group. I scurried inside for some bread, but had to grab a slice out of the freezer. I broke it up into small pieces and figured he didn’t mind it was frozen, since he seemed to swallow it whole.

Apparently the ducks built a nest a short ways away, and Poppa is now out and about, investigating the neighbourhood. It didn’t take long for the sea gulls to arrive, which really shocked me. I know I’m close to the lake, but I had never seen the greedy gulls here before. How is it that they can spot a crust of bread so easily from that height, and in flight? You would think they had enough to keep them busy at the chip truck down on the waterfront.

We have squirrels galore, scampering across the lawn, up and down the trees. There’s also a lone chipmunk, that’s assuming I see the same one speeding by my door, that must live near by. I think it’s interesting how the chipmunk clings to the building, races through the garden and under the bin, only going out in the open to race across to the other building. I suppose that is one of those adaptive behaviours, because chipmunks are smaller and easier prey they protect themselves by hiding close to structures. I think they’re cute, but then I was raised on Chip ‘n Dale.

Saw a fox at the other place, and at the other end of town they’re a regular sighting near my friend’s house. She also has ducks, chipmunks and squirrels. And bluejays. But she feeds them peanuts on her deck, so it’s little wonder.

Out in the country there was a bear sighting. Not something I’d want to come across in my back yard.

My garden is coming together, slower than I would have liked, but getting there. I have my chair painted and sitting in the garden, kind of silly looking I guess, but it will look nice one I get the basket of flowers with trailing ivy to place on it.

Mulch is the next step, I don’t want to have to weed and the heat is bringing them out like mad.

Remember the tree felling? Well I got a new tree, not as close to the house but out in the yard. I like that idea of when one tree is lost, another tree is planted to replace it.

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