Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dollar Store Bargains

What is it about the dollar store that makes you think you have to buy? I resisted buying paper, said no to a new muffin pan, turned away from the craft supplies. But I can’t resist gadgets and such if I think they’re going to make my life easier.

The other day I found these lavender cakes that hang on the inside of the toilet bowl that are supposed to keep it clean and fresh smelling. And the smell of lavender is supposed to be soothing, right?

I could never use these when I had a cat because it’s a well known fact that cats like to drink from the toilet. Poison alert!

I opened the package and was inundated with the smell of lavender, but figured it would dissipate once out of the package. With the ‘thing’ hanging in the bowl I gave the toilet a flush and figured it was a task well done.

As the evening wore on I could feel my eyes get itchy, my chest feel tight, and I was coughing. My head ached, and I knew, lavender was not the smell for me, at least not that strong.

I had to take it from the bowl and tossed it away. Good thing I didn’t have more than $1:25 invested. A lesson learned. I would have been better off buying the powdered cleanser, at two for a dollar, and clean the toilet myself.

Easy is not always practical, I guess. 

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Karen Jones Gowen said...

I LOVE the dollar store! When I go there I wonder why shop anywhere else LOL. But the dollars do add up, it's not free after all.