Monday, 28 July 2014

Love to Write

I love to write. It started out as poetry, stories for the kids, things to make them laugh. But then I tried short stories and gave myself the challenge to try a novel.

That was five years ago and I have been writing ever since. Somehow I got into writing murder stories, not surprising because that’s what I like to read and to watch on television and in movies. I love a mystery.

My first murder story, Death by Drowning was inspired by a real life murder, when a woman from the city was found dead in the lake of our small town. To my knowledge, that murder is still unsolved.

My second murder mystery was inspired by the stories I heard about hoarding. I did a lot of research on that one, hoarding, and the military.

My most recent murder story was inspired by pigeons on a roof. Yep, you read that right. Pigeons.

I can find a story in just about anything; all it takes is some imagination. On the night of the fireworks, I had a front row seat as I live close to the park. But I wasn’t inspired by the colours, the sparkle, it was the noise that intrigued me.

When I heard that one loud bang, a bit different than the other pop, pop, pops, all I could think about was gunfire. And I had the beginning of a story. What if someone was shot at the park, and the sound of the gunfire masked by the noise of the fire works? Now all I need is the who, the why.

Much like the collection of my art pieces that are stored away, I have books and stories saved on Flash Drives. To get a book to the stage where I feel confident to self publish is a lot of work. I edit each book over and over again until I think it’s the best it can be, and then there’s the formatting, a real challenge.

Selling a book is a wonderful feeling, but for me, it’s also the sense of completion I feel in taking that idea through to a completed book, and not just completed, but published.

So, while I’m feeling this high about finishing my pigeon story, I need to get back to the current book in progress. A dead body found in a winter corn field, not once but three times. Serial Killer, yeah, that might be it. But it looks more like a revenge killing, payback.

Better get back to it

The link to the book if anyone wanted to give it a read.


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