Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Roadside Chip Trucks

I had my first day trip of the summer last week when I drove with my daughter into cottage country to pick up my granddaughter at a friend’s trailer. The countryside was beautiful, the lakes a glistening blue. It was a nice day, going from one small village to the next, enjoying all the scenery in between.

I have a couple of rites of summer, and we enjoyed one that day as we made our way home. French fries from a roadside chip truck.

I don’t know what it is but French fries never taste better than when served hot and crisp in those brown paper bags. I like to spritz them with malt vinegar, and sprinkle them with Cajun salt. The first bite burns your mouth, but it doesn’t matter because the taste is sooooooo good.

My granddaughter had poutine, which I’ve never acquired a taste for, but she liked it. The young lad had a hotdog, while the rest of us had our plain old chips.

Remember that guide book I was going to write? The one telling all the hockey Moms where the best arena food could be found? Well, I should do a summer guide book on chip trucks, after taste testing of course. Just kidding.

Locally, the best chips used to be found out of town, where the county road that ran along the south shore of the lake, intercepted the township road leading from the highway into cottage country. It was a good location, and as he was only open on the weekend, he had a constant crowd with both locals and tourists. He’s moved now and I can’t remember his new location. The summers have been too hot the last few years for me to take any road trips.

Now that I’ve ticked off the first rite of summer, I think I’ll keep the second until a really hot day, and then it’s straight to Dairy Queen and a Skor Blizzard. Good thing I limit these food experiences to the beginning and end of summer, it wouldn’t do to over indulge.

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