Friday, 25 July 2014

Fly on the Wall

I bet you thought this would be about some gossip I heard, or overheard, given the ‘fly on the wall’ reference, but no, sorry to disappoint. This is about the one damn fly that got in my place and has persisted for 2 days to irritate and annoy. It has tried to show me, and proven, that I am inept with a fly swatter.

I don’t actually have a fly swatter, it’s never been a problem before. But the other day my son and his family were here and we left the door open. You know how it is, kids running in and out, conversations going on between those inside and those out. I’m lucky all I got was one lousy fly.

Last night it sat on my lamp, drawn to the light. I had my rolled up newspaper ready, and struck out again and again, at the lamp, the table, the wall, and missed every time. Finally I gave up, figured I had a room mate, and hoped his lifespan would be short.

I was writing this while waiting for my morning coffee to brew, and realized I hadn’t seen that pesty fly anywhere. No such luck, as I poured my first cup the fly joined me, hanging out on the cupboard doors, like he was my buddy or something.

Maybe I’ll get one of those sticky hanging things. You know the ones I mean, the sticky tape uncoils from a tube and you hang it in the open, to catch flies as they fly by, I guess. But I hate those things. They always have them hung by the hundreds in a room where somebody’s trying to hide a dead body. Hey, I watch Criminal Minds, I saw the movie Seven.

Instead, I think I’ll make a trip to the dollar store and buy myself a flyswatter. It’ll probably cost me, minimum $10. No way can I go to the dollar store and come out with only the one item I went shopping for. You never know what you might find, and at a dollar, it’s hard to resist.

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