Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Blonde Moment

I've been a brunette all my life, well except for that time I tried to give myself streaks and turned it orange, and maybe now when I have some natural grey. But I definitely had a blonde moment last night driving home.

I had been at my daughter's for my grandson's 6th birthday, and was taking the rural highway home, a distance of about fifteen miles between her town and mine.

It's summer, so of course there are delays due to construction.

Have you noticed that on some road construction/repair sites they use a temporary traffic light? It's used for traffic control, with only red and green lights of course. I always figured this was to replace the poor smuck who would otherwise be standing at the side of the road, holding the sign with Slow on one side and Stop on the other. Those guys may have looked like they had an easy job, but I bet it was tough standing all day, out in the sun, with nothing to do but hold the sign. What a lonely and boring day.

So, I'm heading home at just after seven o'clock, and I approach the bridge. There's one of those portable traffic lights in the middle of it, as the bridge is undergoing some major repair.

I can see that the light is red and traffic is backing up on my side of the bridge, and here it is, my blonde moment...I wonder why. The workers are gone for the day, so why can't we just keep driving.

Well, duh. There is one lane blocked off as it is being worked on, and that leaves only one lane open. I guess I was too used to there being two lanes in some construction sites, except when the men are working and the big equipment is moving all about.

I know how to share. I especially know how to share the road, it's important to my safety and well being.

I guess it was the traffic light in the middle of the bridge that caught me off guard. I mean it was over train tracks, not like the bridge was going to rise up on both ends to let a big ship go by.

I think there's road construction on every road I take out of town, and a few within. I can tell it's going to be a long, long summer.

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