Monday, 16 June 2014

My Little Footstool

I’m getting old, and with age come the aches and pains of old joints. So you learn to adapt the environment to make it more comfortable.

I have a beautiful wing back chair that I love. It has a high back so I can rest my head, and when I nod off, the wing is a comfortable cushion.

The chair came with a large ottoman, its height the same as the seat cushion. Not so good. It just seemed too high, causing some hyper extension in my bad knee.

I mentioned this to a friend, same one who directed me to magnet therapy, and she came up with a solution.

One day she dropped by with this small wooden footstool, with a woven wicker like top. It was cute, but my immediate thought was that it was too low. Not a problem, she brought a green cushion to place on it, and it raised the height to make it more comfortable.

I gave it a try, and it worked. I liked that it was smaller, as I have a table for my laptop I’m forever pulling close or pushing away and it was much easier than dealing with the matching ottoman.

The only problem was every time I moved my feet; the pillow shifted and eventually fell off. So, I came up with a plan.

Using some green wool left over from another project, (a two-for, right?) I crocheted a large square to fit the top, had it extend down over the sides where it tied at each leg. Using some green fabric I made a cushion to fit underneath. This covering was not going to shift and it looks much better than the over-sized pillow.

My sofa is green, so the pillow she gave me fit right in.

I love this friend, but, sometimes I wonder if her solutions to my problems are not a way for her to clear her place of unwanted clutter.

Like the box she gave me for my $5 savings plan. See

I need to watch what I say around her. Her place is a lot bigger than mine, and she has a lot of stuff that somehow easily finds its way into mine.

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