Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Morning Glories in Bloom

The morning started off cool, with a gentle rain. As the weather front moved on east, the birds came out and entertained me with their song. I went outside to sit on the patio with my coffee and was greeted by a very brazen little chipmunk.

The squirrels stay out on the grass and have never come near when I’m outside, but that little chipmunk practically ran over my foot as it raced around the patio.

My Mother’s Day Morning Glory has finally adjusted to its new location. It gets morning and early afternoon sun, and it must be enough for it to thrive. Today I see it full of blooms and its tiny tendrils are wound around the black metal stand I have it in.

I didn’t get the new planter soon enough, and will have to wait now as the plant is connected to the stand. Next year I’ll be better organized.

My obelisk looks great in the corner of the garden. It’s placed to hide the ugly gas pipes that are positioned against the brick wall. The Clemantis is planted in the centre and hopefully it will thrive in its new spot as well.

My son found me the old wooden chair I’ve wanted. You’ve probably seen pictures of chairs sitting in the garden, with a pot or basket of flowers on the seat. I’ve wanted to try this, but will need to paint the chair as it’s an ugly beige colour.

I found a new photo, with a bird house on the chair and liked the look. So Now I have my To Do List. Paint the chair, find a birdhouse and get the plant.

Little by little the garden is growing, not so much with plants but with the artful things I love.

Not sure of my son’s response when I tell him I want a row of river rock inside the brick edging. 

A garden is just not “my” garden without some rock. Maybe an scavenger hunt at the lake with the grandkids and I’ll have my rock.

It’s a work in progress, what can I say?

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