Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Gopher Money

I love to knit and crochet. But I would have a problem if I made something and needed to duplicate it over and over again. What can I say, I bore easily.

I’m constantly looking for new patterns to try. It’s even better if the pattern turns out to be the perfect sweater for one of the grandkids, or the hat and scarf to match someone’s new coat.

I get daily E-mails from various craft sites and yarn companies, full of patterns and ideas.

Last week I sent a picture of golf club covers to my son-in-law, a golfer. He thought the one, a gopher, was particularly fun, as it gave reference to the movie Caddyshack.

I’ve never seen the movie so I don’t get the reference, but I have it on the word of two golfers that the gopher club cover was real cute, and they each wanted one.

I spent 3 days making these club covers, and the recipients insisted on paying me for my time and trouble, and the yarn.

So, I had money in my pocket Monday when I went to meet my brother for lunch. It was my treat, paid for with my gopher money.

I had to break my $5 rule though. I got two fives in my change and had to leave one for a tip. Appreciation for good service is important, so I guess it was OK, but just this once.

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