Friday, 18 April 2014

P is for Procrastinate

Procrastinate: to defer action, to delay,…procrastination n


Hello, here I am, Queen of Procrastination. Does it show a lack of drive or determination that I am so easily distracted? Is it a case of adult ADHD, or just spring fever?
In January I was all enthusiastic about the new book. The beginning was front and foremost in my mind, even though I hadn’t done my usual prep work, you know, developing a plot, characterizations etcetera.

Not my normal style, says this usual ‘plotter’. At any rate I was going along pretty good, developing the fine details as I went along, and then Spring comes. Or didn’t come which is more to the point.

I got restless for blue skies and sunshine, to be rid of the winter coat and have my denim jacket be enough. I wanted to put the boots, hats and mitts away and finally be done with them.

It’s amazing what will distract me. Games on Facebook, or Spider Solitaire can consume a lot of time, and to what result? I check my E-mails and Facebook messages so frequently, not really expecting to see anything new, but just to have something to do.

I started a new crochet project, combined 2 notebooks of ideas, notes and patterns into one new one, and reorganized my closet. Hell, I even started my Christmas List.

And wasn’t it handy to have the A-Z Blog Challenge start, and give me something else to write instead of the new book? I did some editing, but it was a challenge to stay focused.

And staying focused is the issue. Maybe it’s Spring Fever, and only summer will cure it. Does that mean I have another few months of restlessness, muddled thoughts and zero productivity?

I may have to resort to writing longhand, or taking the laptop to a public place to write, a place with different kinds of distraction than here at home. I seem to be able to write in the coffee shop, or in a restaurant, as there is no television, no phone, (I have no cell), and no refrigerator. The noise doesn’t bother me, and when I need a bit of a break, I can people watch for a few minutes and get back to work.

I hope this mood with the change of season is a temporary thing, something to suffer through this year, after the particularly bad winter we’ve experienced. I hope it doesn’t rain all spring, making the transition to summer, and another change of season, something to endure.

We’ll have to wait and see, Mother Nature is nothing if not unpredictable.


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Anonymous said...

I think writers are natural procrastinators. We're simmering. Letting ideas get ready. :)

Carey from abundance in the boondocks