Saturday, 12 April 2014

K is for Keurig

I have a new Keurig coffee maker, a gift from my daughter for my birthday. I had been considering getting one for myself, thinking it was ideal for me because it was so versatile. I had a small 2 cup coffee maker, and a large kettle. There was not enough room on my counter to have both out at the same time. So the coffee maker won out, as I enjoy those 2 cups of coffee every morning. But I also like a cup of tea in the afternoon, maybe after dinner, and occasionally a hot chocolate on a cold night.

The problem is…I’m lazy. I hate pulling out the kettle, and the base it sits on, and having to put the coffeemaker away. In my own defence, my bad back has made all the bending and lifting difficult so I had to make do. I made my tea with microwave heated water, which was totally disgusting.

My history of making a decent cup of coffee is bad, which is why I switched to tea. But with the 2 cup machine I had been more successful, and I enjoyed that coffee, as long as I had the vanilla coffee creamer to add to it. So I like flavoured coffee, which is why the Keurig is perfect for me.

I buy the little brewing cups thirty at a time, and have developed my own list of favourites; coffee, teas and hot chocolate, whatever I have a taste for at any given time.

Have you seen the television commercials? They are a catchy representation of the product. The whole idea of the Keurig machine is the individual choice it offers in what you drink. How appropriate to display the machine and have the different choices represented by the mugs.

The first ad I saw has a music background, different kinds of music, and a mug to match. One says “Born to Disco”, another Rock ‘N Roll. Then there was a mug where the handle was the back end of a horse…Country Music Forever. The last was ‘World’s Greatest Whistler’. Every time I see the ad come on I have to watch.

At Christmas they did a holiday version…Naughty or Nice, Naughty and Nice. There were more but I can’t remember them all.

As I write this I have a medium blend Vanilla Hazelnut coffee at my side. It’s good, but later I’m going to give the Caramel Drizzle a try.

Thank you Jenn, for the perfect gift.

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Anonymous said...

I am a fan of my Keurig, but I still get most of my coffee on the outside. Save it for winter hot apple cider and Saturday and Sunday mornings.