Tuesday, 8 April 2014

G is for Girls

For many years my time as a grandmother was all about pink, and princesses, and all those girly things. There were tea parties, pretend spas doing our nails and hair, and movie time snuggles.

I remember frilly dresses, hair bows and fancy shoes. I remember denim with embroidered flowers, and hats, all the hats I’ve made through the years.

Now, mothers and daughters are a whole other issue and could fill my writing forever. There’s a special bond there, at times tenuous, but always present.

My girls are growing up now. You can see their unique personalities developing, each special in their own way. It’s sad in a way, for those years when they were small were so much fun, and never to be forgotten.

Thank you for the memories, love you all.


Susan Kane said...

I am in the in-between part of gr-ma. My girls are 8 and 9.5, still loving cuddles, doing art with me, playing with Barbies.

But, the change is just around the corner. Sigh.

Over here from the A to Z.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I have 2 daughters. I enjoyed them when they were girls and I treasure the bond we have now that they're grown.