Thursday, 10 April 2014

I is for Idiot

It’s not that I’m feeling ‘holier than thou’, I’ve had my idiot moments, so it’s more a case of a ‘been there, done that’. But there are idiots, and there are idiots. In some, the behaviour is so idiotic it leaves me irritated and perplexed.

Inappropriate, the kids, guys and girls, who swear, using the F-word with such glee. Do they think it makes them seem tough, maybe more adult? But being an adult means, even when you want to swear, you do it in the proper time and place. I do most of my creative cursing home alone or in my car with the windows rolled up.

I like to watch golf, and don’t understand why the fans have to be so ignorant as to call out or take photos as the player is teeing off, often in the middle of the player’s backswing. And what is the purpose of yelling of “Mashed Potatoes” after?

Every job has a learning curve, some worse than others. I was in line for coffee at Tim Horton’s one day and watched a trainee struggle to keep her composure with an insensitive customer who was impatient for his order. By the time I was at the counter she looked really stressed and apologized for the delay. I told her it was no problem, gave my order and watched. To register the order she had to give every detail using the touch screen on the cash register.

One touch for in house or takeout, size, beverage, and any additives, all put in separately. So that’s take out, medium tea, black, 1 sweetener, bag out. Five keys for one order. I think it would take anyone some time to be familiar with the screen.

Have you ever been following one of those irresponsible drivers who pull out to pass…you think, only to realize he wasn’t just passing but pulling out because the car in front of him had braked, maybe to make a turn? I usually see this on a country road or a two lane highway where the speed limits are greater than in town. I’m driving along and see the car pull out only to have to slam my brakes on because I couldn’t see the car ahead of him had slowed, couldn’t see his brake lights. A brake light warning might have been nice.

Have you ever had one of those sales clerks who make you feel like the fact you’re buying something is intruding on their personal time and space? How dare I want to shop?

On the other hand, how about those waitresses who are inhospitable, tossing down menus and leaving you sitting, waiting for service? The direct opposite are the ones who are so bright and cheery, the “Hi, my name’s Barbie and I’m your server today. Can I take your order?”

Telemarketers, how could I forget them? First, they are incoherent. Whether this is because of an accent or because they read from their script so fast it doesn’t make sense, I don’t know. What I do know is they are annoying.

Okay, I think I’ve let off enough steam for all those irritating, illogical, and impolite interruptions to my inconsequential life that only serve to illustrate that I am not immune to the influence of imbeciles and their idiotic antics.

That’s all the ‘I’ words I can use for this day.








Blogger's Brother said...

When the B word wasn't "Brother" (a chance for all to see the pure joy of having a brother) I thought I'd missed the boat. Then I saw the I word was "Idiot" and thought "Here we go!" But alas, no.

I guess there's always J for "Jackass."

Stephanie Faris said...

The worst case of rude salesclerks was in Paris. I was in a gift shop in the touristy area and the clerk actually jerked a T-shirt out of my hands and told me it wouldn't fit me. That was probably the last time I'll ever visit Paris!