Saturday, 27 February 2016

Pet Therapy

Lily and I just completed our nightly circle of the court. It's a beautiful night, the sky is clear, the air fresh with just a touch of a breeze. We use the leash when away from the door, as Lily has lost whatever hesitation she had on arrival and is in full curiosity mode. (I just wish she'd been taught to heel, might be easier).

Word of warning if you're thinking of getting a dog. There are a number of tales about dogs, like the size of their paws indicating how big they'll grow, and big dogs leave big piles. I'm picking up some big piles of poop, but the little container of bags works quite well.

I've had more exercise, and more fresh air in the last few days than all of last week. I guess Pet Therapy is a true thing. I talk to Lily, and we have routine little love fests throughout the day.

We were out this morning, sans leash, when my 88 year old neighbor came home. Lily did a meet and greet, and I was glad she was careful and didn't actually bang into the poor woman. I quickly got the leash on her and had her in control.

Right now, she's curled up on her bed, sound asleep. I'm heading to bed myself, to watch the rest of the hockey game. Score's tied at the moment.

I think we'll need to have one more quick trip out before we call it quits for the night.


betty said...

Sounds like things are going well with watching Lily. I always preferred having our dog on a leash and other dogs also on leashes when we were out walking. Safer that way I think. I am sure you will miss Lily when she goes home.


Deborah Lean said...

We've found our rhythm, and it helps that she is a quiet, affectionate dog. She's mellowed with age, and that's a good thing, puppy sitting would have been out of the question.