Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Bit of Book Humor

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you know I am a die- hard fan of the “In Death” series of books written by J.D. Robb, otherwise known as Nora Roberts.

The main character is Lieutenant Eve Dallas, a New York City homicide detective. The books are set from about 2056 to the current book in 2060. The futuristic stuff is believable and adds to what is basically a murder story.

In the very first book Eve meets her future husband, Roarke, a self-made billionaire. Each book that follows highlights their relationship, how it changes and develops from the beginning, how these two people find their way into a strong and supportive relationship.

In the newest book there was a bit that really made me laugh, and because I read like a writer, I marvelled at the author’s ability to make these two characters a constant delight. They are never stagnant or cardboard, but always interesting, and full of surprises.

The segment that made me laugh…

Eve’s friend Mira calls her to a crime scene where her husband, Dennis, has been attacked, his cousin, beaten, but now missing. The missing man is wealthy, powerful, and political, so his whereabouts draws her attention. Is this a kidnapping for ransom, payback, what?

Eve, along with her Expert Consultant, Roarke, arrives at the victim’s home to talk to the wife. She’s, well, a bitch, and barely gives Eve a moment of her time, let alone any attention to the message that her husband may be missing. Her manner is rude and demeaning, and it makes Eve angry, as she’s just trying to do her job.

The woman tells her security to “get that riff-raff out of here”. Eve has a temper and it’s seething, and held in check, barely.

In the elevator, Roarke says to his wife. “I’ll be Riff.”
It took me a second, as it did Eve. I laughed as I continued to read. I think Eve responded (I didn’t go back to find the exact words) “So, that makes me Raff. Why do you get to be Riff? Because it comes first?” As easy as that Eve’s temper is defused, still seething with resentment, but not so volatile.

I love when there are humorous spots in what might be an otherwise very serious story. And I love when it shows two people who love and understand each other so well they know their moods, their feelings, and can respond in just the right way…to help, to show that understanding.

As I continue to read this series I can see the changes in each of the characters, as they grow and change, as it should be, as that’s life.

When I pick up one of these books, to reread or to continue along in the series, it’s like a visit with old friends.

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