Sunday, 28 February 2016

Being a Good Neighbor


My Lily girl, is fed once a day. I always assumed that the process of eating, sort of primed the system, in that what goes in, must come out. Once a day.

That's what happened on the first day, but yesterday was a bit different. Maybe it's the snacks I give her in between meals.

Yesterday, when we were out for our last pee trip before bed, Lily had another poop. Not so strange, it's nature, and a biological function. But, it was late, and it was dark.

If we had snow, (not that I'm asking for a snow storm, it's just a comment) I would have been able to see her pile of excrement, and picked it up.

As it is, the light from the door only reaches the path, and does not extend into the yard. I did make an effort, with bag in hand, to keep the neighborhood clean, but it was impossible to see, and I was afraid of making a misstep.

This morning it is so beautiful, I can't believe it's February. The temperature is plus seven, Celsius and the sun is shining, blue skies overhead. Definitely feels like spring but I fear winter is not finished with us just yet.

Lily and I ventured outside. I was searching the grass, (in front of my neighbor's place, of course), and finally found the deposit from last night, and "scooped the poop" so to speak. 

Lily was wandering close by and, as she'd been fed already, did her morning business. Good thing I have that container of doggy bags hanging on my mailbox, ready when needed.

That's our morning chores all taken care of, and we have the whole day with this beautiful weather ahead of us. I see another walk in our future. 

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betty said...

Glad you made the effort to find her "business" in the morning and take care of it. We would carry flashlight on our night walks. Sounds like a lovely day ahead. Enjoy!