Thursday, 25 February 2016

A House Guest

I remember a week or so ago, when my brother posted on Facebook that he and his wife had spent a day cleaning house because they had company coming. I have company coming today, but I haven’t cleaned a thing. I figure all my cleaning will be done after my company leaves.

That’s not to say that my company is messy, or a slob, or that I don’t care enough to prepare for her, but my friend Lily won’t care, one way or another. Lily is a dog.

I’m dog sitting for my daughter, and I have been looking forward to having a pet again, and basking in all that unconditional love that a pet can give.

I’m prepared, have lots of dog treats, a new toy and a thing that dispenses bags for doggy cleanup.

Lily and I go way back. She spent most of her time with me when she a puppy and for that first year or so. I used to love how she would sit at my feet for hours. After a time, she’d give me that sad eyed pleading look.

I knew what she wanted, and would pat the empty sofa beside me and say okay. Immediately she would climb up and settle herself in, and rest her head on my leg. Ah, doggy love.

I’m just glad she’s not that exuberant puppy anymore, she’s now eleven years old, so has slowed down a bit, content to spend her days quietly. Still, it should be an interesting week.


betty said...

Sounds like a lovely house guest :) They are usually so appreciative of whatever we do for them and love us truly unconditionally. We lost our corgi in December 2014; not a day goes by that I don't miss him. We are so very close (within the next few months) to welcome another dog into our house, but I just don't think I have the energy for a puppy :)

Enjoy Lily's visit :)


Blogger's Brother said...

I love Lily! That's great that you took her in, I'm sure she'll love the peace and quiet and you'll love the company.

Betty... please consider looking at some of the older dogs. Some of them are there through no fault of their own and still have a lot of love to give. Puppies and kittens go quickly but some of the older animals can stay for a long time and that's so sad to see.