Thursday, 14 January 2016

Weather Update

So, we finally got the snow that is normal for our region after a mild and basically dry December. And with the snow came the freezing cold temperatures. The last time I took Velma (my car) out for some social time it was sixteen below, Celsius. She needed some encouragement.

I love to watch the weather station and see the path of the storms in their colorful Doppler patterns. It's funny how the colors often move north and south of my area, leaving us alone, or with a lesser impact. They talk about lake effect, a term Buffalo is well acquainted with, being on the eastern tip of Lake Erie and the southern side of Lake Ontario.

The other Great Lakes, more to the north, have the same challenge.

A lake, or any body of water, influences the weather. On the northern side of Lake Ontario, we might have milder temperatures and experience a change as we go north. I've driven away from the lake, only to hit a storm and decide it's best to turn around. On the 45 Km drive north to the city I can pass through numerous areas of differing weather, usually worsening as we go.

Our area, on the north shore of Lake Ontario, might be clear skies and dry roads, but a few miles north we lose some of that lake effect, only to find it again when we hit the Rice Lake area. Then, continuing north, we again lose that lake effect (snow, rain) but have the colder temperatures. Once we near Peterborough, our destination, we're in cottage country, with lots of lakes, and lots of snow.

This is one of the reasons I like to drive west, along the lake, rather than north. At least the weather I find along the way will be most like what I left at home. Don't even talk about going east, the Quinte area has been hard hit with snow every winter for the last few years.

All of this, is in explanation for why I haven't been anywhere in the last week. That, and the new stash of yarn I bought when I was out last time. Since my daughter kindly picked up some groceries for me while she was shopping, I've been content to stay inside, in the warmth and crochet.

I did venture out this morning though, as far as the parking lot. I thought Velma looked a bit neglected with the 8 inches of snow covering her when the other cars were cleared. So I donned the boots and coat and went out to clean her off, and let her motor run for a few minutes. It was cold, but only zero, so mild, comparatively speaking. The weatherman is calling for rain over the weekend, and rain, on top of all that snow, followed by another freeze would be much harder to clear.

I enjoyed that bit of a walk and the exercise, and am now sharing my thoughts over a nice cup of coffee. It wasn't an activity on my To Do List, but gets a major mental check, done, just the same.

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