Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Comment On NCIS Changes


I have to say that as much as I like the show NCIS, I hate the character played by Michael Weatherly.

“Tony Dinozzo” is a bit of comic relief, the little boy that never grew up. But when you watch the show over and over again, in syndication and prime time, you get tired of it. I think his jokes were demeaning to those he worked with and I, for one, would have hated to be his co-worker.

It seemed he could only make himself look or feel good by making others feel bad and...less. The character was constantly making McGee suffer, questioning his manhood, belittling his value to the team because he was a geek. The women they’ve had on the team always seemed to be fighting to find their place as he never gave them enough respect for their abilities, and he seemed to be caught between sexual attraction and still trying to prove himself. Talk about someone questioning their manhood.

DiNozzo had commitment issues, still thinks like the party frat boy he once was, the Peter Pan syndrome of the little boy who never grew up. Once, when the story line had him undercover, he fell in love and we saw a more mature Tony, but it was short lived, and I was sorry to see him fall back on old habits.

As much as he seems to respect Gibbs as his leader, he is constantly making snide references to the man’s failed marriages, questioning his decisions and authority. As much as he wants to be in charge, and seems to resent Gibbs abilities, he has become stagnant, in the same position, never really growing out from under Gibbs’ wing but remaining the jovial office clown.

I like the new female agent, and already we have seen her grow in the job, and see the personal side of her life, good and bad. One thing I find irritating about series television is the way characters stay in the same place. Life doesn’t happen that way for real. People have relationships, their lives change. Tony’s Dad, a recurring role played by Robert Wagner, has had more changes in his life than the son..

On the show “Bones” the there are characters who have married, had children, and one who died, and this is more real. Though, I’m sure there are many examples where shows crash and burn when their characters ‘get a life’.

Sorry, but this has been an irritation for me for some time, and I took this opportunity to vent. I have watched the show too much obviously, but it’s so easy to have it on in the daytime, and then there’s the late at night viewing. I always thought it was background noise while I did other things, like paint or crochet. I guess I paid more attention than I thought.

Now, if Mark Harmon decides to quit, we’ll really have something to talk about.

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