Monday, 18 January 2016

Finders Keepers

At the end of December I wrote about some things I had managed to lose, in this small space I call home. My daughter doesn't find that surprising, because she thinks I have way too much 'stuff'. But my stuff holds the possibility of being used in some creative venture, whether it be scraps of paper for mixed media art or bits of yarn for some crochet project.

Last month I lost an unopened Cogeco bill (my cable, internet and phone provider), my microwave heated neck wrap and a collection of Lego pictures.

I planned to put a binder together for each set of grandchildren, as a place to store and keep all those instruction sheets that come with each Lego set. The binder, filled with plastic sleeves was not enough, I wanted the cover to be a collage of Lego images, hence all the cut outs. I had the pieces, but not the binder, and when I got the binder, couldn't find the pictures.

When I received a Lego catalogue in the mail, I tore out the centre page and made the cover sheet for the binders. Not in time for Christmas, but that's okay, it wasn't much of a gift anyway. Today, sorting through some papers, I found those original Lego cutouts.

I found my heat wrap in the bathroom, tucked in with the towels and facecloths. I must have thought it was a logical storage spot, and then quickly forgot all about it.

Still haven't found the cable bill, but as the amount is the same each month I went ahead and paid it, and have been more careful with the one that arrived since.

The other day I bought  set of plastic bins, for the pantry like cupboard I bought for more storage. I like that the bins are clear, and I can see what's inside. I'm sorting through some of my craft supplies, hoping to downsize one of those plastic things with the stacked drawers. The drawers are easier, open and select, but I can deal with the bins. When I'm into doing art, the bin will most likely sit open on the table.

It's all about being organized. clearing clutter and making it easier for me to clean. But none of that can take precedence over creativity, so I just have to learn to be neat.

There are those who laugh at me and just shake their heads, but anyone who crafts, knits, crochets and paints...well, they would understand. It's all about the imagination...and a realm of possibilities.

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