Friday, 22 January 2016

Tangled Yarn

The other night I spent as much time getting my yarn unsnarled as I did actually crocheting.

There are two ways to go when working from a ball of yarn. First is to work from the outside in, but this means constantly jerking the ball to turn as the yarn unwinds. I find this annoying, though I might reconsider if I had this new gadget I saw where the ball is put on a post that turns as the yarn unravels. I can see how that would work, and may consider purchasing said item.

I usually work from the inside out, which works well, except, as the ball of yarn hollows out it collapses on itself and you have a snarly mess. That's what happened to me the other night.

When I was playing on the internet I found some pictures, not what happened to me this time, but it has before. These pics of tangled yarn made me smile, and since my yarn is neatly wound in a ball, I can laugh about it...until next time.

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