Thursday, 7 January 2016

Velma...Out in the Cold

I had to break out my warm woolie coat when I ventured out earlier this week. Since the thermometer read sixteen below, Celsius, I needed something more than my old ski jacket with the broken zipper. Why I cling to that old jacket is beyond me.

Walking from the door to the car, the cold did not seem that bad, not with the sun shining, blue skies and an absence of wind.

Velma (the name I gave my car to try to make her feel friendlier to me, after some ‘issues’ we had two years ago) was not impressed with the fact I wanted her to come out in the cold with me. She started up right away but let out the most disturbing whine, letting me know she was not happy.

OK, so maybe she hasn’t been out and about for anything but a quick trip to the store, but I was considerate enough to give her a quick warm up the week before, and I cleared the snow and ice from her roof and windshield.

I needed gas, and that meant standing, outside, as I did the self-service thing. (And really, is there anywhere you can get your gas pumped for you anymore?) The fresh air that seemed brisk as I walked to the car was a wicked wind chill factor now, finger freezing and nose numbing.

I had errands to run, so it was stop and start, stop and start. I took the long way each time to give Velma a chance to warm up and work the frozen kinks out of her system. She finally quit her whining and I relaxed, the fear that she might leave me stranded on the side of the road eased.

I needed that wool coat, it’s long, hits mid calf, and provides me protection from the cold and any wind. But it is heavy, to wear and to carry. I had two pairs of socks on in my shoes, silly me I still haven’t bought a pair of boots. And of course, no hat, so I was lucky Velma and I were getting along.

Velma, that good ole girl, never let me down. She may not be so pretty anymore, but who am I to complain, neither am I. I figure loyalty is a good quality and Velma and I are long time amigos, destined to end our driving days together.

And I for one don’t think that day is too far off.

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