Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Mixed Precipitation

I am really amazed at the weather, awed by Mother Nature’s...well, nature. We got off easy in my area, but the US has been pounded and dumped on with a mountain of snow.

While we might be used to days off work and school because it’s a snow day, these more southern regions are not. Even when winter driving conditions are our norm, I still like to get the first few snowfalls under my belt, so to speak, to get my mind turned to winter driving. It must be a real challenge, and a risk, for people who must face it for the first time ever.

Yet, there has to be an aspect of fun to it, when the danger has passed, for people to see their landscape covered in a blanket of white, to experience the snow, the cold, the making of a snowman, first hand.

Today the temperatures are above freezing, and we have rain instead of snow. The small snowman my son-in-law built out in the court is shrinking, like the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. Water can tend to do that to some people.

The weekend calls for mixed precipitation, rain and snow. It’s all a yo-yo game, temperatures up, temperatures down, rain, snow, wind and whatever. Mother Nature can be fickle, she can be vindictive, and she can be cruel. Is this the price we pay for the way we’ve treated her gifts to us? I wonder.

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