Saturday, 9 January 2016

Slipper Mania

My daughter started it, so I feel I can safely blame her. She’s the one who found the first pattern, and sent me the picture from Pinterest.

I’m always looking for new projects, new challenges in crochet, so I’d decided to make her a pair. This began in the fall of 2014, before Christmas. I didn’t like the pattern she found, too big and sloppy, so I searched until I found a couple other patterns to try.

As our winters are cold, I decided to make everyone in the family a pair for Christmas, just like I’d made them all hats the year before. I ended up with the 11 pairs for the family, and about 5 extra that were practice.

My daughter wore hers out, had a big hole in the sole because she wore them outside. This past fall I made her two pairs, small and medium, from a new pattern. She kept the one pair, gave the other to her daughter. I then made a pair for a friend of mine, and for her daughter while I was at it. Then another pair for another friend.

At Christmas my daughter gave her slippers to her aunt, so I made her another pair, but before I could give them to her, she sent me another picture. She likes the slippers that are high on the leg, like Ugg boots. So I altered my pattern and made another pair.

All in all, the total should be about 23 pairs, and none for me, and my feet are cold. So, using up some leftover yarn, I finally crocheted myself a pair of slippers.

Red socks are a nice touch, eh?

 This year the family got hats and mitts and I’ve already moved on, thinking about what I’ll make everyone for Christmas 2016. It’s going to be a long winter, the perfect time to sit inside, out of the cold, and crochet.

Decisions, decisions...what shall I make?

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