Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Painted Rocks

My grandchildren are very fortunate to have a babysitter who spends time with them doing crafts, encouraging their creativity. Their efforts are frequently posted on Facebook for all to see.

One day they did painted rocks, and though the stones were very colourful, they were very simple. When the kids visited me the next time I showed them the painted rocks I had found on Pinterest. They immediately asked if I would paint rocks for them, but unfortunately, the rocks we found were not good for painting.

I was playing on Pinterest today and found this picture of rocks painted to look like dogs. I loved the caption where the person wanted to make some, and leave them on the path where she walks, imagining the result when another walker finds them.

This reminded me of the time I painted pavers with my granddaughter. I had a supply of the odd shaped pavers as the patio at my apartment building had been torn up to make space for a new deck. We painted them to look like snowmen and I made toques and a scarf for them.

For the next few years the snowman I made was in the lobby of my building as a doorstop. My granddaughter made a snowman too, and one to look like her Dad, dressed in camo, his favorite color. It sits by the wood stove all these years later.

I feel the urge to paint rocks. It will have to wait until after Christmas, and if I plan to do it I had better take a quick turn along the beach boardwalk, for too soon my chance of finding rocks will be lost under ice and snow.

Just what I need, another project. But, if it makes the grandkids happy, I’m all for it.

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