Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Message on a Mug

It is so nice to have a friend who truly understands you. I had lunch with such a friend yesterday.

We worked together for almost a decade, then lost contact when I left the job, left the city. A few years ago we reconnected on Facebook. Now, when we can, we meet for lunch at a designated spot, a half way point between where we each live.

We met yesterday and exchanged Christmas gifts, and hers to me was perfect. It made me laugh and gave me a good feeling that someone knows me so well...and likes me anyway.

Aside from our nursing career, we have writing in common. We often spend our time together discussing our various projects and the problems we might be having with our writing. Amazing the plot twists that can be worked out once verbalized and bantered back and forth.

A few years ago, she was writing a crime story, complete with a detective, a serial killer and a bit of witchcraft. I was working on a novel about a woman who discovers she was adopted, after the death of her adoptive parents. We were both using the library for research, and laughed about what the librarians must have thought about the books we signed out.

Her librarian might have feared she was going to go on a killing spree, and my librarian might have figured I was looking for a child I had given up, or I was searching for my birthparents.

I do most of my research on the internet, and will admit I have an extremely diverse browsing history. Everything from World War II battles and adoptions, to how to do a choke hold. And then there is PTSD and the care and housing of homing pigeons. Like I said, diverse.

You just never know where a story will take you, which is why I love the gift my friend gave me and will give it a place of honor on my Keurig coffee maker, ready to inspire, to make me laugh and to fill with my next cup of brew.

Thank you, Connie

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Connie said...

Great blog and equally great to have you as a friend. Cheers, Connie