Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Feels Good to be Needed

I received an early morning call today that caught me awake but not up and active.

"What are you doing calling me so early?" I asked.

She needed advice, some turkey talk.

I haven't done the official holiday meal in at least fifteen years. You know what I mean, the turkey, stuffing and all the works. My kids have taken over the meal plan for the holidays, and I am assigned to dessert detail.

Today's question was whether she could cook the turkey early, carve it and still keep the meat moist and warm to eat later in the day. Of course, whatever makes the day easier and stress free.

Those of us who are the older generation, remember the Norman Rockwell painting of the father at the head of the table carving the turkey. I have never seen that done, carving was always done in the kitchen and a platter of turkey brought to the table.

Doing some of this ahead of time makes the rest of the meal preparation easier, and some of the cleanup.

More time to visit, which is what the holiday is all about.

But it was so nice to be asked for help, to be the Mom whose advice the kids still need. There, I had one of my Christmas presents already.

Here are a couple of modern remakes, for a laugh.

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