Sunday, 13 December 2015

Blame it on Genetics

My son’s two children were here for awhile this afternoon so their parents could do some ‘kid-free’ Christmas shopping.

I know this ten year old boy is a country music fan, and I admit, I like it too, but my taste runs is more for the older stuff from 10 years or so ago. I have quite a collection of Brooks and Dunn, Faith Hill, Reba and Tim McGraw. Those are the most well known names, the ones he recognized, as he likes this ‘older’ country, too. (Older country for me was always Patsy Cline, so for the music I like to be old is too funny).

I never play music at home; my background noise has always been the television. I bought a new DVD player, hoping to change this but it sits on the shelf collecting dust, as does my collection of CDs. I change them around, in the car, as that’s the only place I listen, where I can jack the sound up real loud.

So before he left today I went through the CDs and gave him a selection, told him he could keep them, and he was thrilled.

His Dad asked what was going on and his son showed him the CDs. “Country?” he exclaimed, looking at his son as if he’d grown two heads. Shaking his own head he looked at me and said “he likes country, I don’t get it.”

I have to laugh as I did the same with my son in his younger days, but my questions were “Heavy Metal? Hard Rock?”

Maybe it’s a genetic trait, and my grandson and I are the norm, my son the odd man out.

Here’s one country song for a father and son I think he'll appreciate.

This one didn't seem to open, so I found another.

And this is why the kid likes Brad Paisley.

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