Friday, 2 September 2016

National Hurricane Center

I have the National Hurricane Center on my list of favorites, and check it daily. I find it kind of fascinating, watching the storms start off the coast of Africa and make their way west to the US and Canada.

For most of the week there were two tropical storms, one headed toward the eastern states, the other to the Gulf of Mexico. There was another storm, strong enough to be named...Gaston...when it reached hurricane strength.

The one TS, or tropical storm, that headed to the Gulf, was upgraded to hurricane strength and given a name, Hermine. It hit land on Thursday, and according to the map, is travelling across the land.

I'm watching the Blue Jays, yes, I know, I'm such a fan, and I haven't heard them talk of the weather, and they are playing in Florida. So the storm must have passed to the north.

There's another yellow 'X' on the map, indicating a storm, not with much strength as yet.

The list of names for hurricanes is set, and follows in alphabetical order. If you ever hear the weatherman talk of hurricanes, and a letter seems to be missing, it's because there was a storm, with enough strength to be named, but then it fizzed out to be of no concern.

If a storm is bad enough, the name is retired, as is what happened after Katrina.

Commentators at the ball game just mentioned the storm that blew through yesterday in Tampa, 22 inches of rain in 72 hours.

I've included the link in case you were curious.

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