Sunday, 28 August 2016

Mechanical Failure

I feel like all the mechanical things in my place are staging a revolt, against me. What have I done, other than maybe run them 24/7?

First it was the dehumidifier. It was running, I could hear the continual drone of the fan, but then I realized I hadn't emptied the bucket for days. So the fan works, but no dehumididfying. I got out the booklet, tried what was suggested, but no go. Yesterday I called the company, and they are only open Monday to Friday.

With this hot weather and no air conditioning, I've had the fans going all day and all night. Well, it was one fan, until my brother gave me one he'd had in the garage. He has air conditioning.

My original fan, one with blades and on a stand, quit. I don't know why, unless it's gone on strike, up in arms against the overtime hours.

I got my file box out to find the dehumidifier booklet and decided to do my shredding. I have a cross cut shredder, and the directions say to oil the blades frequently. I only used it one time, filled a blue bag, and never oiled it once, so I figured I better oil it before I used it again.

My son gave me a small container of oil, and I read the booklet to see how it was done, and it said vegetable oil. What? Like canola oil?

I called the company and they said the company makes a special oil, vegetable based, because the other oils are petroleum products, and with a cross cut shredder, the metal on metal friction, there is a risk, of a spark, I guess. So, one trip to Staples later, I'm ready to shred.

That's three, and according to the laws of nature, everything comes in threes. I guess I'm safe for the moment, until the next thing quits, and then I'll beware, 'cause I'll know there's two more to come.

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