Thursday, 4 August 2016

Play Ball

Somehow, I have become a fan of baseball, but as fans go, I'm a dismal failure, in that I'm a fan of one team only....the Toronto Blue Jays. I may be familiar enough to name the players on the Jays team, but I would be hard pressed to give the name of any player on another team.

I like sports for a background when I'm doing other things, like writing, reading or crocheting. I find it easier to watch sports than to try and follow the plot of a crime show, my usual TV choice.

I was a hockey fan last winter, and that was to stay in tune with my son-in-law and hockey crazy grandson. At least with hockey, I knew the teams and plenty of player names.

I'm learning some of the game rules, or lingo, at least.

Last bat, belongs to the home team. I didn't realize that at first, then realized when the Jays had three home games, they always had last bat. I like it better that way, last chance opportunity, and all.

I would get confused when the commentator would comment a batter was...say...0 for 3. I would be looking at balls and strikes and couldn't figure out where I'd lost count. Finally, I figured out they were talking about times up to bat. O for 3 meant no hits in three times up to bat.

Now I watch the little box on the bottom of the screen for the number of balls, strikes, how many out and the inning

I've learned a better appreciation for the skill needed to play this game. I've watched players leap to catch a ball, turn in the air and throw it for an out. Amazing, really.

I was trying to remember some of the players from other teams, and it should have been easy given that the same teams usually play at least three games before moving on. Unlike hockey where the rarely play the same team two nights in a row, unless it's playoffs.

As there is a lot of the season left, I may learn more, especially if my team continues to do well and gets into playoffs.

Go Jays!

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