Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

My one fan has bit the dust, and I'm not surprised as it has run continuously for months now.

It's one of those round ones, on a stand, so I can move it anywhere. For now, I keep moving it out of my way, until my personal handyman, my son, can have a look at it.

I moved it once because it blocked my view of the television, but then it was in the way of the door. Last night it was in a place that meant I couldn't see the score of the ball game. As I was crocheting at the same time, I need to glance at those stats to see where we are in the count.

Every time I move the fan, the cord is trailing along with it, and every time I think to myself, I should wind that around the stand because someone (me) might step on it.

'Might' happened this morning. I was checking the thermometer and didn't see the end of the cord and stepped on the plug. F**K. I didn't say it out loud, just repeated it in my head, as I did a fancy two step to prevent falling.

Ouch, but that hurts.

Best I wind that cord up now, or, with my luck, I'll step on it again. And if that happened, my words would not be silent.

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