Saturday, 6 August 2016

Could I Speak to the Manager Please?

I am normally a very patient person. In store lines I let people with a small number of items go ahead, at street corners I wave drivers to go first, see, polite and considerate.

Today was not that day.

 I had been to the store,and the cushion I wanted, to match the one I bought last week was no longer available.

I went to Metro, picked up a few items as I figured that would be the fastest way to get my garbage stickers, as I got no service at the (haha) service desk. Then, by the time I got to the cashier with my items, I forgot the stickers and had to go back in the store and stand in line. I paid for my stickers, and get this, had to go to the cashier at the service desk to get them. That's some system.

I met a friend for lunch and we tried out a different place, big mistake, sort of. Limited menu with lots of eggs, and no bacon, but lots of what I assume was sausage, in sauces that I can't pronounce let alone know what they are. We ended up ordering burgers, very expensive burgers that came all alone on the plate, not even a pickle or slice of tomato. The beef was good, the cheese tasty, but the unknown sauce made the bun soggy.

I went to the fabric store, looking for buttons, a no go. Tried Walmart, another no go. Now I'm hot and tired and thirsty.

So I decide to try the drive thru at McDonald's for their dollar drink. "Pull into the shortest lane" which is exactly what I did. Service seemed slow in my aisle, but there was only one car ahead. I pull up at my turn and am totally ignored. I counted 4 cars that gave their order and moved on while I was sitting there. And once you're there, with cars behind, you're stuck.

Finally a voice asked if I had placed my order, and I said no. Silence. Another car moved ahead from the other lane. I was fed up at this point, hot, and the car is overheating, so I pull out into the line.

When I get to the window I asked the girl if she was new, or in training as I'm empathetic to trainees, but she said no. So I said, "Could I speak to your manager, please?"

I never do this, but I really wanted my drink, and they had a serious system flaw.

I explained the situation to the manager, who informed me that the camera on that order station was broken, and it's hard for the cashier to tell where the car is, or if a new car has driven in. Maybe so, but on a hot day like today, with one car after another, did they really think everyone had taken the one lane and left the other empty?

She offered to comp my order, and I declined. Said if they had a technical problem they should fix it or find a better way to work around it. It's too hot to sit in line with the car running.

I went next door and had a Frosty at Wendy's. The service was excellent.

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betty said...

If the camera wasn't working for that side, they should have closed that side off. I would have been beyond "ticked." I think you handled it well, even with going to Wendy's for a Frosty.