Sunday, 25 September 2016

Well Used Cookbooks

It was too hot to bake, a usual activity I shared with my granddaughter, so we made a stove top no-bake treat instead.

I was surprised when she told me she wanted my old cookbooks when I was gone, quickly assuring me she hoped that wasn't for a long time.

Today I got out one of my old favorites, It's a soft cover, coil cookbook by Red Roses Flour company. the cover is long gone, and I can find no date for when it was published, but it was the 24th Edition.

As I scanned through the pages it is easy to see what recipes were my faves, because the pages were worn and dirty.

I purchased eggs, thinking I only had a couple left, and found it was more like a half dozen. So I pulled out this old book and found the recipe for sponge cake, the one I always make when I have too many eggs and need to use them up.

I still have a number of cookbooks even though I don't cook much anymore, but I still like to scan through, looking at the photos, reading the recipes.

You never know when one will catch your eye and become a 'must try'

Dinger just went, time to take the cake out of the oven. MMMMMMMMmmmmm

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