Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Brothers, in books and movies, are portrayed in different ways, depending on where they come in the birth order and the gender of their siblings.

Like an older brother, with a little sister is seen as protective, where as a younger brother is a pest.

I think my brother has a split personality, as he is some of both. He's like a big brother, and not just because he's more than 6 inches taller than me, but because he's supportive, encouraging and caring.

But, he is my 'little' brother and can be a pest. He's reminded me that I call my blog Midweek Musing, and yet I'm not posting mid week. I seem to post when I have the time, an idea, or some divine inspiration.

Somehow, Wednesday just comes too fast, and I'm often not prepared. I guess I should be post dating my blogs, so they appear as advertised.

It's Friday, September 2, and I have just written this, but to keep my bro happy, I'll post it for Wednesday.

Some people are just too fussy, comes with aging I guess.

Are you happy now, he who shall remain nameless?


betty said...

Brothers are great, even if they can be a bit annoying :)


blogger's Brother said...

What a surprise! There I check Midweek Musings, on a Wednesday, and what did I find.... A NEW ENTRY! My first reaction was that someone had hacked your account, but when I saw all the nice things you said about me I knew it had to be you!

I enjoy being both, your big brother and little bother - especially the "pest" part, makes me think of Dad.

Deborah Lean said...

Just a warning, I may post more than weekly, but will try for every Wednesday just so you don't get confused. Should have thought some more about the title in the beginning, but back then, I thought once a week would be a challenge. Who'd have ever thought I'd be so verbose. LOL