Wednesday, 3 December 2014

More Word Search...What's in Your Purse?

I like to do word search and with this latest book there are more than a hundred puzzles, each with a different theme. I’ve been amazed at some of the topics. This one caught my eye, twenty four items that could be kept in a woman’s purse. I had to check the list; I got 10 out of 24.

Some of the items were obvious, like wallet, money, keys, notebook and pen, and of course credit cards. Those were 6 of my 10 items. The others were bandaids, gum, receipts and tissues. I am so boring, and so predictable.

Though the list contains some modern things, it is also outdated. It lists both cell phone and I-pod of which I have neither. It also listed cheque book, something I stopped carrying when I began using debit. Cheques are almost a thing of the past, except for things like rent, and to write VOID on for electronic bill paying.

For working women, the next two items might commonly be found in their purses, an address book and business cards. For the woman who cares about her appearance there was the following, makeup bag, mirror, hairbrush, and lipstick. I don’t wear makeup anymore so I’m more of a chapstick kind of girl, and I keep it in my coat pocket, not my purse.

Some of these items are no longer in vogue, since one can’t smoke in public buildings and have to venture outside, I imagine there are fewer smokers, and so fewer women carrying a lighter in their purse. Same goes for perfume, as so many buildings are scent free.

The last grouping of items includes hand sanitizer, hand lotion, and snacks. I had a friend who carried a hand sanitizer and used it frequently. And then there was my grandmother who was hypoglycemic and always carried nuts in her purse in case she felt her blood sugar drop.

The only reason I carry bandaids is that I was given this gadget, one of those promotional items, that stores bandaids on one side and pills on the other. My container is full of Advil, for my chronic pain, so I need to have some available when I’m out.

It was an interesting puzzle and made me think. I just bought a beautiful brown leather bag, that still sits on the chair, with all its tags, so if nothing else, this will give me the inspiration to finally change the contents over, from old to new. Maybe I should find something interesting to add to my purse, and to the list.

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