Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas...Happy Holidays

It doesn’t feel like Christmas because the celebration with my family was held last Saturday. It doesn’t look much like Christmas either.

There was no white Christmas this year, except for the old Bing Crosby movie, which is a must watch tradition in my house every year. Originally filmed in black and white, the colourized version is very bright and the music a delight.

I was looking out my window earlier and saw the neighbour’s place lit up by the rays of the sun, the skies momentarily more blue than grey. There must have been a break in the cloud cover to let a bit of sunshine through; otherwise it’s been dull and dreary, the wind blowing hard and fierce.

I can see the tall tree across the way swaying, its bare branches in constant motion, and I remember last year around this time when we had the snow and ice storm. The tree that dropped all those limbs and branches on my roof during those stormy nights was cut down in the summer; otherwise I’m sure I would have been treated to another scary night.

It’s been a quiet day. I’ve talked to the kids and sent and received messages to everyone through social media. Tonight I’m having lasagna, compliments of my daughter. Later, I’ll sit back, put my feet up and enjoy some of my home made Irish Cream as I open the book I bought for my Christmas read. That’s another of my personal traditions, to have something new from one of my favourite authors as my final treat of the day.

Traditions, whether personal or family, are important. I started a new one with my family, inspired by my daughter’s in-laws, the gag gift. My granddaughter and I found a musical toy, a man sitting in an outhouse singing and...well...making fart noises. Sounds crass to some maybe, but it was cute and made us laugh, especially after all the kids’ talk of camping in the wild this summer where there were no bathrooms, let alone any outhouses.

So the recipient of the first family gag gift was my son. I plan to do a gag gift for one family member every year, and hope to select the person and the gift based on events that might occur throughout the months ahead.

Another year is coming to a close. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season filled with an abundance of love and laughter. Here’s wishing you all best life has to offer in the New Year.

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Joshrachel said...

I watched white Christmas....keeping the tradition