Friday, 28 November 2014

Word Search...Odd Fashion Items

I like to do word search puzzles, and find it interesting, all the topics they find to create a puzzle with a theme. Today it was Odd Fashion Items.

A couple were old fashioned as well. The hoop skirt like from the Gone With the Wind era, or spats which I think are from the roaring twenties. Then there was the girdle, something young women today know nothing about. When girdles were in style, so to speak, women did not have butts that jiggled and shook. Panties were also on the list, something else that seems to be out of style, leading to more jiggling and shaking. I don’t get the thong or no underwear thing, but then I’m old and old fashioned.

Hot Pants. I remember hot pants were big in the seventies. My sister-in-law, whom I love dearly, wore them the first time I met her, and I hated her on sight. She had that ‘thing’ some women always look so well put together and make it look effortless. That day it was a navy hot pant suit, navy hose, tight light blue turtleneck. She wore a fur coat and over the knee white boots. Of course I hated her, he looked like he was in love and she if she wasn’t careful she could break his heart. Lucky for him, she didn’t, and they’ve been married for 38 years. Funny, how clearly I can remember that day. First impressions, eh?

Back to the list. There are a couple of male fashion items listed, chaps...having a moment here, ok done...and cummerbunds. How many guys remember being groomsmen and wearing a tux with a cummerbund colour coordinated to the dresses in the wedding party? But it looked so good in the pictures. LOL

How many of you know or remember these? Rompers, muffs, bandeaus, or skorts?

Dickies were on the list, not so odd I’m thinking. Maybe that’s because I just made one for my son. The old style dickie was a fake turtleneck thing you wore under shirt, covering the neck but without the bulk of long sleeves and a full shirt. They were lame even when in style. The one I made is crocheted and can be worn under a winter coat, giving the wearer better neck protection than just a scarf. We do have a lot of cold and snow coming our way.

Some of the items are popular today...tank tops, uggs, and shrugs.

There was one other item, I’ve never worn them, or even seen one up close and personal, but I think we all have a visual, some more than others I imagine, the item is pasties.

And on that note, I’ve reviewed the list and am ready to do the word search puzzle.

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