Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Weird Car Noises

Anyone who has read my blog knows about Velma.

A few years ago I was having trouble with my car, and figured we needed to improve our relationship, so I named the car Velma. When she goes to Uncle Brad's garage for some auto repairs, I call it a trip to the spa.

And, if you have read along, you'd know I am absolutely nerve racked when I hear strange noises in the car. I have all these fears of being stranded on the side of the road, and me without a cell phone.

The last few times I have been in the car, I've heard the strangest noises from the back, but never bothered to investigate, until today. 

I was sitting in the car, outside the lab, waiting for my friend. I'd heard the noise again and checked out the back seat, and guess what I found.

Sometimes when I have been out, and missed lunch, I grab a Happy  Meal. Just a quick meal to get me through (I know, I know, a terrible choice). This was the toy that came with the last one, which I gave to one of the grandkids when we were out a week ago.

They left it, turned on, in the cup holder of the back seat, resting on its belly, so every time it bounced, it hit the button and said "Oh Yeah!" 

There was my noise, so now all I have to worry about is the squeak that Velma makes when I back up. I still see a spa trip in her future.

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