Saturday, 8 October 2016

Men Asking Direction

We spent today travelling the back roads, and I mean back roads. From the minute we headed north of Roseneath, I'll admit, I was lost.

My son said he had this fantastic place to show me, so we drove, and drove. We were going through some nice wooded country, on the usual kind of semi paved country roads. There was the odd scattered house, lots of farms, and lots of trees. Most of all there was just Mother Nature's fall show.

At one point I asked my son if he knew where he was, where we were heading, and, of course, he said yes. But then we hit a dirt road, followed by a dead end. We turned around and went back the way we'd come. I was okay with that as, this time, we stopped so I could get a picture of this old house.

But, as we were driving, he asked his wife..."Hon, have you got bars?"

She said yes. "Why?"

I laughed, and answered for him. "Because he wants to know where we are."

We'd come one side road too far for the place we were looking for, and as unique as it was, it was no longer there. That sounds confusing, but the foundation was there, the structure torn down.

I saw the quarry, some falls, lots of colored trees. It was a great day, and even though it rained heavy this morning, and the wind was cool, the sunny was shining, the sky a bright blue.

There was also a suspension bridge that crosses this river. The floor of it is mesh, and you can see through it. When someone walks on it you can feel the change, the bounce. I only went out a couple of feet, felt dizzy and nauseated, and quickly went back to solid land. No way could I go across the whole bridge.

It was a great day, ending with dinner out. A perfect fall day, thanks guys.

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